Ecstatic Praxis


Born To Trip, Forced To Work longsleeve in "starburst"

Image of Born To Trip, Forced To Work longsleeve in "starburst"

a super limited run ECSTATICPRAXIS X RATBEEPRESS collaboration!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholden and your comarades Ratbee Press and Ecstatic Praxis are here to hold you. Here to see you. We know that you were born to trip but forced to work, that's why we made this shirt for you, our dear fellow traveler.

These long sleeve, 100% cotton tshirts were hand dyed in "starburst" colorway by Ecstatic Praxis and screenprinted by Ratbee Press in Asheville, North Carolina. Guaranteed to make your auras sparkle, your enneagrams glow and your butt look really good.

Machine washable with like colors, line dry recommended