Ecstatic Praxis


Circumzenithal Arc Amulet

Image of Circumzenithal Arc Amulet
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"A Smile In The Sky"
Maximize your ecstatic praxis with a teacup halo to adorn your body or your home, made of porcelain and strung on an adjustable 30" suede cord*. Amulet measures 3.5" x 1.75"and is quite durable. Take reasonable care and avoid dropping it on cement/granite/etc -it'll likely outlast you.

Materials: Porcelain, Suede.
Stamped on the back with the artist's mark .
Please note, as each amulet is made by hand and one of a kind, yours may vary slightly from the photograph.

*substitute hemp&cotton cord for no extra charge, just make a note at checkout.