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Cylindrical Vessel For Epiphytic Plants №1

Image of Cylindrical Vessel For Epiphytic Plants №1
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"An Epiphyte's Delight"
Inspired by bits of fossilized coral found washed up on the shore, these pots were designed to nurture the natural growth habits of epiphytic plants (many orchids, air plants, ferns, etc), which in their wild habitats grow up high in the nooks of trees. Nestled in damp sphagnum moss, your plants will thrive, as the holes in the vessel prevent the plant from sitting in water, allow for optimum air flow and the uninhibited growth of aerial roots. The vitrified porcelain will not leach moisture from the moss, allowing for more time between mistings than a wooden basket. Can be suspended in a macrame hanger (not included), or placed on a table or shelf. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The integrated tray provides additional stability for top heavy plants, as well as catching any drips.

Materials: Porcelain.
Stamped on the outside with the artist's mark. Felt feet on the bottom to protect your special surfaces.
Please note, each vessel is made by hand and one of a kind. You will receive the exact piece in the first photograph. Cylindrical Vessel For Epiphytic Plants №1 is 7.5" tall. The base is 7" diameter and the inside of the vessel is 4.5" diameter.