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Pipe + Herb set

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A very special small-batch collaboration with dear friends Suntrap Botanical out of Brooktondale, NY.

This smoking blend is comprised of Damiana, Marshmallow Root, Willow Bark, Skullcap, Lavender, and a few spritzes of Rose Water. We recommend you spritz again before you smoke if you have a nice rose water nearby. Not necessary but oh so nice. These herbs feel good in the lungs and leave a pleasant feeling behind. A delightfully relaxing nervine blend. The skullcap was grown by Suntrap on their farm, and many of the herbs were grown by their neighboring small farmers, with the exception of the damiana and lavender.
Know Your Smoke!

The pipes were formed by hand at Ecstatic Praxis HQ in Asheville, of solid porcelain, with layers of tinted porcelain slip painted on and then sanded to reveal the unique topography of each. The heavy weight feels quite nice in the hand, and a calming effect has been reported akin to a thundershirt, compression vest or weighted blanket.

There is a small hollow passageway connecting the two openings. If you choose to use your pipe for consumption of herbs please note that there is no carb and that it is essentially a very girthy "bat", and ought to be used with a screen (two brass screens included). The vitrified porcelain is non-porous and can be cleaned with soap and hot water, and is quite sturdy, especially compared to a glass or hollow ceramic piece. With reasonable care, it will outlast you and become an heirloom to be passed on (to the left of course).

The pipe and herb will arrive sweetly bundled and ready for gifting in 100% compostable packaging.

Suntrap practices regenerative agriculture on their farm, where they grow nearly everything that goes into their products. They also happen to be liberatory clinical herbalists and truly wonderful humans. @suntrapbotanical