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PREORDER! Dogs Of The World Unite! T-Shirt (adult and kid sizes) FREE SHIPPING!

Image of PREORDER! Dogs Of The World Unite! T-Shirt (adult and kid sizes) FREE SHIPPING!


Dogs Of The World Unite! This shirt was designed to cover recent unexpected medical expenses for both myself and my dog. The text was inspired by a really fantastic song called "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton, which was inspired by a song called "The Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Thanks for purchasing one and for spreading the word :)

A few weeks ago, I slipped on some decomposing leaves and what I initially thought was a badly sprained ankle turned out to be my fibula broken in two places. After a couple of weeks in a splint and boot and more x rays, the orthopedist determined that I don't need surgery/metal plate/screws (yay!) but I'm still faced with bills from several specialist visits and a lot of x rays. I'm still not sure what this will all end up costing, but as I don't have insurance it will likely be at least a couple grand. I've been unemployed since March due to the pandemic (which is set run out in 3 weeks).

As if the timing of a broken ankle during a pandemic and global social/economic collapse wasn't bad enough, Yesterday, my 4 year old Chihuahua mix (who serves as both my emotional support animal and my marathon training partner) scarfed 5 vitamin D capsules (that I’m taking to help my broken ankle heal) that I’d left on my nightstand for a moment while getting a glass of water. Apparently high doses of vitamin D are super toxic to dogs and if I hadn’t noticed and called the pet poison control hotline and taken her to the hospital immediately, (where they pumped her stomach, tube fed her an activated charcoal slurry and gave her fluids via IV, and checked her kindney, etc levels constantly, she likely would have died). She should be ok, but her vet bill was $725, with no option of a payment plan.

All $ from the sale of this shirt will go toward my and my pup's medical expenses, with any surplus going toward the cost of a service dog for a 13 year old nonbinary community member living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

These short sleeved, 100% cotton shirts are designed and printed at our HQ in Western North Carolina. The off-white shirt is printed with red ink, and the red shirt is printed with off-white ink.

Machine washable with like colors, line dry recommended

Toddler sizes 2t-5t, youth sizes s-xl and adult sizes s-3xl are all printed on Bella + Canvas Brand sweatshop-free shirts. Adult sizes 4-5XL are printed on Gildan brand.